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Cramps in my right hand/raw recordings

March 31, 2010

Art Deco Border 1

Horus Wall R small
But they subsided, hehe. Took a while to reattach the right hand.

Hm, I really wanted to write another song. Voice and Piano. Nope. Then it turned into a Cello/Piano piece. Nope. It was meant to be another piano piece. Then, I wrote this. And I realized, I need to practice- I couldn’t even play it. How’s that? You write your own practice pieces…hehe. Alrighty. Click link to hear. And please don’t boo…

Thank you for the continuous challenge, help and inspiration.

-©2010 Irina Hale, March 31, 2010

little dragon

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  1. March 31, 2010 8:00 pm

    Irina, that is totally awesome and wonderful, I love it!!!! I hope you will share more of your music with me 🙂

    ~ Barb, (who sucks at all musical instruments)

  2. March 31, 2010 8:13 pm

    Thank you Barb!! I’ll go search for more “nerve” to put up more. The problem is that I literally can’t play half the stuff I hear in my head. That’s kind of pathetic. I even know exactly where my former teacher would make remarks…”why so sloppy??” “Maedel, Fingersaetze sind doch nicht Selbstzweck da, ueberleg doch mal!”

    By the way Barb, I am so going to steal your Robert Schumann on Chopin being a Clairvoyant quote- I was wondering all my life where in God’s name Chopin took these incredible, incredible slityourwristsinbeautifulangst melodies from! Schumann himself must have been at least psychic for writing the way he did. I’d KILL for those guy’s abilities!

  3. April 9, 2010 1:54 pm


    This is so beautiful. I really love it! I wish someone would make a video with this and upload it on YouTube. If they want to, can they contact you for the music ?
    I wish I could create music at all, but I can only listen and enjoy…
    Please do continue to keep writing and playing music!


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