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Worshipping the ground that GarageBand’s Matt Evans walks on

March 31, 2010

crossed globe

Thank you Mr. Evans for creating a program that anybody with a bit of interest in music could use!

It’s telling me the piece in question is in C Major, really?? I don’t have to think about that anymore?
I can feel my teacher standing behind me, hands on her hips saying, what are you- lazy? Have you forgotten everything you learned? You now need a computer to figure out key and signature for you??
Yes, I do, and it’s just the greatest thing since sliced bread!

That thing takes half the brainwork out of the process! Amazing.
Okay, if I had 600 Dollars just hanging around here, I would go with something like the Pro Version of “Sibelius”. Since money is an issue for most mortals, it’s GarageBand for the time being…

The score that GarageBand spit out looks a bit funky to me and another piano player would look at me funny, wondering why I am overloading the left hand- I didn’t, but GarageBand decided that could work.
I’ll work on that later. But now the piece can be reproduced by someone else. This is so much fun.

Finally got around to buying that MIDI-to-USB Interface to connect my piano to the computer.

Walked into “Daddy’s Junky Music” in the middle of a horrible rainstorm- Elvis was on, playing loudly. The store manager is a crazy man, running through the store swinging around yelling at me “Nothing is better than the King, the store is SWINGING!”
The voice inside of me said “oh, really? You sure ’bout that?” I had the other King running on my player.

I was recording stuff within minutes of connecting the Piano to my Mac.



I’m running it on Mac OS X 10.5.8 without any issues, the interface worked straight out of the box, even without drivers. Yippie! Everything was compatible (okay, one reason for getting the Casio in the first place), a dream!

It’s a very, very happy day.

crossed globe

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