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One of the best feelings in the world

April 9, 2010

crossed globe

Is that of brand new music equipment that you salivated for= when it is finally in your hands. Lately all my efforts in that regard have been an easy breeze, quite outstanding actually. Every time I looked for something, it magically appeared, sometimes being the last one available in storage…locally.

Had a great time again at my local music store. This lovely here was a great deal (great warm sound…), can’t wait to test it out. Oooooh, the guys at the store where gushing over her… one of them even went to get me a different box, so that my lovely new Shur Beta 58A rests comfortably in foam- in an Audio Technica box actually, that’s funny… Yes, I did spring for that one, I got more ideas for that mic beside my old refurbished Macbook from 2008…


My idea was simple: just hook it all up to my Macbook. (please, audiophiles, laugh more quietly, don’t break my tender heart…) That’s right.
But thankfully a little voice issues a warning: Oh, USB, and Missy, how do suppose is that mic going to work? By magic?? You will need something else here!
And then I remembered…see, my family is a bunch of nerds and suddenly a funny childhood memory made sense again.
My dad, the hobby sound engineer once built a lovely preamplifier in a soapbox like this…
He just wanted to hook up his simple mic. Job well done. I still laugh tears about the soap box preamp- but the thing really worked. We had a very cute homemade recording studio.

Nowadays things are a lot easier. I just want to plug the mic into the USB slot (AND have a decent mic to plug into a heck of an amp, therefore the nicer Shur).

I came across this lovely piece.
That thing will simply connect your mic to your USB port- be the translator because a preamp is nothing else but translating the “sound energy” into voltage. Et voilà!

I got a piano hooked up (whole ‘nother story…) and a mic. I think I also infected Hubby a bit who immediately though of his effects unit that he wanted to plug into my laptop.

Who would have thought. Now I don’t have any excuses anymore should I produce sounds that remind one of a cat in agony.

Edit: Oh Lord, I just heard myself last night, trying out the Shur. You won’t hear me singing for a while…I used to be a Soprano, now I could pass as Tenor, my vocal chords need some serious practice.

crossed globe

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