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Watch For The Silence

April 9, 2010

Art Deco Border 1

Horus Wall R small

I’ll apologize upfront to all that feel physically repulsed by the antiquated use of a 3/4 valse rhythm.

My apologies to you, I have clearly listened to way too much Chopin and seen too many Tschaikovsky Ballets to think anyone should write valses for only the Masters seem to be able to pull it off.
I’ll get my tutu on in just a minute. You know, if Mr. Nureyev and Ms Margot Fonteyn would like to come over so I can get the tempi right- that’d be outstanding. If you have blood sugar issues, this could push it.
Nevertheless I’m guilty as charged.

Alright, we’ll start with a little girl (I’m paying homage here to the Nutcracker, cannot be helped) that finds a little wind up toy. Wind up Ballerina, snow cone- what have you. Think of snowflakes falling. Now, next thing you know you have to smashing adults dancing a Pas De Deux. The usual. In Opera the act of DYING starts, ends and continues with arias and coloraturas, movies have love scenes and Ballet accomplishes that through a pas de deux.

I love watching interviews with Nureyev since he never bothered with a brain/mouth filter. It’s straight forward.

He described worked on the Pas De Deux with his partner, Margot Fonteyn.

It was like 4 people possessed. We improvised, we had a very good time. And then I would ask: “Does anybody REMEMBER what we did??” So nobody remembered and I was getting frustrated and angry. And Margot is so fluid, she improvised but I wanted to know what are we going to do on stage. Finally I tried taking it piece by piece and we fixed the pas de deux. And then it came into the state you see it in the performance.”

I was rolling on the floor, that’s improvisation for ya…

The whole thing should be as sweet as store bought frosting, but you know the cake at least should be a tangy lemon cake beneath it.
It should be like reading Tolstoy’s first sentence in “Anna Karenina”: “All happy families are alike; each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.” Not like he didn’t tell you what to expect.
(Tolstoy had a great feeling for starting a book with a warning: “Mercy on us, what a violent attack!”)

The whole thing should be an old fashioned Pas De Deux, completely “uncool”, rejecting all modern dance ideas for a moment (I know) and just be pathos laden as can be. Like this.
(“oh come on Margot, the thud of you landing on the floor after I dropped you yesterday couldn’t possibly have been that bad- are you still mad at me??”)

Big red velvety stage curtains that induce an immediate asthma attack in the front rows (why do you think people cough so much in life recordings???) and roses flying onto the stage. Some things should be brought back.

That by the way was definitely one of the best dance partnerships the world ever got to see, they just truly had it.

Now, I’m not quite done here. Once I’m dead, I really, really, really would like to see this man sit at the black, polished concert grand .(Chopin- wouldn’t you think he of all people would appreciate a modern concert grand?? I think so!)

And of course Mr. Nureyev, if he’d like.

I’m assuming that after being dead manifesting a nice little dancing spot won’t be a problem. Simply having a ball and I’ll play fly on the wall. (sorry)

Well, here it is.

Music: -©2010 Irina Hale, February 26, 2010

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