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And Every Broken Rule

August 24, 2010


Still completely exhausted from surviving a 2000 mile move, one of the most life changing years of this entire life.

However, I lovelovelove the place I am in. Just picture a cross country car ride with three cats and one 3 year old- in just about 30 hours. Indiana certainly had the most entertaining highway signs. “Indiana’s loosest slots!!”- they were advertising a casino, I believe. I laughed about that one for hours, surefire sign that one is about to go completely mental after this drive.

freaking out

I still can’t find all my cables, so please excuse the video from my ultimately cheap and god awful camcorder= offering you the fresh sounds of cat food tins being rammed into the recycling bin. I swear that both my piano and I do sound a bit “fuller” in real life.

The quality is rather, well, horrific, but in either case I wanted to honor the very first song that happened after about 4 days of getting here. Aaaah, finally. Was trying to go to sleep and BAM, stuff running through my head. I at that point I hadn’t written anything since the beginning of the month, painting away my old house and just being exhausted. I almost hung myself over the porcelain god, when it hit me on the 20th again, I wrote like mad for the entire day.

Most grateful as always.

Hasta siempre, Comandante: Yes, no sheet with lyrics stuck to the wall, and yes, memorizing the lyrics is the minimum, my apologies. And it’s still pitchy at times, not the best vocal ever and still too fast in places, at least too fast for my technical abilities. Yupp, will either slow down, or get better. Yesyesyes.

You have broken every rule
You have broken every rule
push me further, way better tool.
push me further, way better tool.

And you have broken every rule,
you have broken every rule.
Taking me to the outer edges, don’t you,
forcing me to look at them- why don’t you?
Demanding, not merely asking me.
Push it further, you call it style.

Deconstructed the overhead, no mercy,
and a smile and a kiss and a dance instead.

I have broken every rule
that could be broken
love seeing you lose your cool.
You love to love me when you’re slightly mad,
I’m life affirming to you- I bet.
You chuck convention as if it where wine-
and with a grin you ripped down the line.

And I have let you in pleasure and pain,
remove the barriers alongside the way and

We have broken every rule.
We have broken every rule.

We do this over and over through lifetimes again,
no hesitation alongside the way.
Three green roses the falcon plans along my way
And hear you say it over and over,
time and again and
time and again and
time and again and
broken rules all along the way
broken rules all alongside the way.

Lyrics, Composition, Arrangement, Vocals & Piano: Irina Hale
-©2010 Irina Hale, August 20, 2010; All Rights Reserved

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  1. Elmira permalink
    August 25, 2010 2:31 pm

    Hi Irina,

    So you finally have an internet connection again! Great! That must have been hard work, fixing up the old house, packing up, driving thousands of miles to a house that has to become a home. I hope it already feels like home! Great song, you have a good voice, not like catfood tins at all!
    We miss you and your wisdom in the HH you know!


  2. August 25, 2010 2:41 pm

    Yeeeeees, finally-Internet!
    Elmira…thank you!! I plugged in my little amp (I don’t know how we managed to accumulate 6!! amps in this household) yesterday and compared to the sound in the house, the camcorder is just a sad, sad relict to listen to…
    Will be back to the HH in no time, have some catching up to do! House is home already, I had a lovely “welcoming committee” all along the way, keeping us safe, welcoming me in the house…
    Thank you Elmira, will be back soon…

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