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Just admit it.

September 10, 2010

And there it was, that finger across my mouth.

“Sssshhhh, will you?”

“Oh, okay!”

“Admit it, you’re trying to shut me up just for a few seconds, you’re good at it, too!”

Almost a bashful grin, but more sneaky than anything.

“Yes, of course, want me to show you? You know, I like that wordless echo that crashes off invisible walls. I do like this wordless understanding, you know.”

“But you see, that’s when you make me want to describe it to you, louder and just better than the last time I described it to you, using a thousand words more than the time before.”

And rather wordlessly he rolls his eyes ever so slightly, when he laughs.

But because he forgets thathecangoonandonforeverhimselfat5aminthemorningjustlikethissaying,ohdidn’tmeantowakeyou.

I never lost that dictionary, but I need it more and more less often.


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  1. Kate permalink
    September 30, 2010 1:54 pm

    LOL… He still pops in at those ungodly hours of the day…

  2. September 30, 2010 2:38 pm

    It’s a little better now. Sometimes I am being kept from sleeping when I get the rare chance to nap. You know, because time can be used MUCH better for some geometry lesson and playing card divination riddles (ah, what???), Kabbalah (like I know anything about that- “that’s why I am making you find out”, “mh, ‘kay!”), or some other Egyptian numerology. And don’t say no to Metatron! Lol. If you would have told me this 2 years ago, I would have called the friendly men in the white jackets for you.

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