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On creating a little galaxy

October 10, 2010

Hey, watcha doin? Mudra

Trying to meditate, you see.

Oh well, you’ve got some work to do, so I don’t want to disturb. Hey, you wanna build a galaxy? You could use the practice.

Oh, too kind, all your worry. I take it this is not playtime today?

Hm, maybe later.

Oh, can you detangle your hands there a little bit? Unlock them, point your thumbs and index finger together. Otherwise you’re just blocking yourself already. It’ll help. Lets team up on the intent, come on, my little witch, get with the program, are you tired? Are you scared off lift-off, or something?
He’s laughing.

Big light, BOOM.

Not bad, that was sort of German. More laughter. You treated this like a Haydn Oratorio. Very forceful.
black hole

Create another one!

And there we go. Whoever lives there, sorry if you don’t like my galaxy, I did my best.
black hole

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