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Dear Universe :Help!! I broke my Casio!

November 14, 2010

Don’t let my piano break without me seeing a way of fixing it. Gaaar. That’s cruel. I have 4 pieces piled up in my mind that I wanted to remove from said mind, BOO. Well, it’s still under warranty (piano, not the mind…but I’ll be your friend if you show me the on/off button on the silly thing for a more effective shut-off, the mind that is), so it’s just going to be a huge pain to get Casio to send me an entire pedal construction, the pedal keeps sliding out. No sustain and a loud clicking noise. Awesome.

happier days...when I dragged it through the door.

Been very frustrated lately with the technical limitations of a digital piano (I sooo long for a the feel and sound of an acoustic piano) and a laptop, the gap between “in my head” and “what ears hear” is becoming larger by the second and it’s frustrating that one can only bring out a fraction.

Soooo, universe….should I ask for the miracle of a baby grand, lol?? (now that this one’s broken- a PEDAL??? Are you serious, a PEDAL, universe? I got no sustain pedal. I would get the keys- I am rather hard on this plastic, but come on- the PEDAL?? I think I screamed in frustration, I hope it’s fixable, I didn’t touch it out of fear I’d just finish that plastic piece of garbage in my anger, my initial impulse was to show that piece of @#$% how far it can fly through the air)

Boo. I get the message to play more cello, haha. Yes, totally neglected that. Maybe stuff my head with more cello stuff then, hm?

I had my head full with themes that were part of a sonatina/fantasia (can’t really call it sonatina, ’cause I didn’t exactly present the theme, in this case the chorus according to the “rules” of a sonatina- ie ending on the dominant, nope. ) on MJ’s “Little Susie”.

I felt haunted by that song since I first heard it back in 1995 when it was first released. I hear the opening bars and the chorus and always hear at least 3 or 4 themes that could be weaved around it. I hear the chorus (the verses really not at all) and start scratching my head. It’s like dancing a Gavotte to a song that was written ca 1979.

And in 1995 I popped the tape into my purple walkman, pulled the blanket over my head and started crying tear of Happiness, which is what usually happens when I listen to music by Robert Schumann. It’s not sadness, it’s absolute joy over a piece of music. Color me silly. “Little Susie” makes me want to write entire symphonies around it’s themes, well, if I were able to, that is.

Little Susie, HISTORY, Michel Jackson 1995 CD-Cover booklet - page:37/ Image: "Lichtkind" (Child of Light), 1972 silver print, grattage by Helnwein

Gottfried Helnwein and MJ 1988 in Germany

Just for the fun of it I hit the “record” button for someone who needed some cheering up. By now the piece is 5 times as long but now that’s the silly sustain pedal is broken, I only have this part left. I was playing with 2 new themes in my head (which is what most of this is), the actual opening of the actual song and the chorus once the way it was originally written by MJ, without anything added, and one variation on the chorus. Casio better send me the pedal construction replacement soon, there’s more stuff piling up.

I swear, I have never derived as much joy as from trying to weave new themes around an already existing theme/motive. It’s that obsession on “variations” that drove me for weeks.

I love the Space flight sequence from “Contact”.

EDIT: Oh, thank Goodness for Dads who are Hobby Sound Engineers with inventor tendencies. Piano is FIXED. And it looked ugly. Boo.

Guess I do play a lot...Temporarily fixed until the new part from Casio comes in. Hurray!

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  1. Elmira permalink
    November 15, 2010 10:37 am


    That S*cks big time that the pedal broke of your CASIO piano. Casio/ Casio, there really is no coincidence, just wish it didn’t have to happen to you! According to the book “The Secret” you can order anything you want from the Cosmos, you just have to really believe it and visualize it and then POOF – voila a new pedal. Hopefully you will get a baby grand one day!
    Love the Fantasia of Little Susie. Little Susie is one of my all time favorite songs – I can listen to it over and over, just like Earth Song ( different song entirely but still)

  2. November 15, 2010 2:15 pm

    Hehehe, I put all modesty aside and visualize a neat, black, polished concert grand. Forget the baby grand. I got space- and if I have to crawl underneath it to get into my kitchen!!

    It can be fixed, I found the separate “keyboard” style sustain pedal, it just is really lousy, because there’s a huge difference in the way you play on three pedals that can’t move versus a pedal that flops all over the place. Oh well.

    I seriously dreamt of that kind of instrument most of my life, I’ll cry on the floor when I finally get there. May those guys up there can dispatch a miracle or sumthin’? I’ll ask politely. Maybe with your own private concert hall? Yeah, I’ll try not align the daydreaming with everything else, off to work…lol.

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