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1/1/2011 The Laundry List

January 1, 2011

That date just looked too good not to have it visually saved somewhere.

On the list for this year:

1)Record and finish all remaining songs from 2009/2010 in the first 6 months of 2011.
Dead slugs on the grass are faster in ‘completing’ a song. (as complete as a song can be on a simple laptop). Must not use urge for perfection (and utter horror of amateur sounds…)to not get songs into acceptable shape.

2)Conquer this completely irrational fear of paintbrushes and paint. Must ignore the fact I previously couldn’t paint or draw for the life of me. To make matters worse, there’s a literal tryptichon in my head. (might as well do this ‘big’ if I want to do it at all)
Therefore new and only motto is: I can paint. I will paint.

New Year's Resolution No excuses. Now I'm scared.

The knife will come in handy.
More New Year's resolution

3)Get over fear of jazz chords. 30 year old woman does not need to be afraid of jazz chords. White girl will get over herself. White girl wants to get out the jazzy lullabies.

I can do anything, you hear me, subconscious? I am finishing 3 paintings this year and record mountains. Along the way I WILL find way for new computer and by way of miracle I will find a decent acoustic instrument that not only sounds great, but is affordable. Say, a Boesendorfer Grand, lolol.
Fear of failure can live someplace else with someone else.

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