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Icarus Drowning

April 27, 2011

'Icarus Drowning' by M. Decker

Icarus Drowning II

A thousand deaths I died so far.
A thousand deaths with you afar.
A thousand deaths that I have seen.
Your million smiles that I have seen.

Your death that you could not avoid.
Your death that I have not enjoyed.
Your death- and it still decimates me
A thousand waves that crumble me.

Your death is all I need
To see my own.
Yet far away or so it seems
To linger on
Underneath that sheen.

Your death that is still torturing me
Your death still brings me to my knees
tears are- no end, no end, or so it seems.

Just breathe, sweet heart.
Or so you say.
That’s funny, love,
For I’m the one that’s breathing.
-©2011 Irina Hale, April 27, 2011

'Icarus Drowning', Brueghel

‘Icarus Drowning’

What can I tell you that you don’t know already?
What can you tell me
To share with me
To bridge this huge ocean?
What question can a lover ask
That no lover of Mankind
Hasn’t asked me before?

We have asked all the questions.
Do you know how to answer, are you seeking a question?

What else to do but to swim in the ocean.
Help me in drowning, for you seem like an expert.
Lend me your hand and we’ll go drowning together.
At least it takes courage to go drowning together-
Anybody could just go poison those pigeons in the park.

Watch not but the daytime, that’s just barely facade.
The brave people go swimming in the dark.

What are you watching me in sheer delight
When I don’t have the answers.
Did I not hear the question, did I miss all the answers
When someone dispensed them like candy.

Oh, I bet I was drowning
With a companion who just LOVES him some drowning.
Rather fearless in drowning
Arms wildly flailing, some call that dancing.

See, you already went for your drowning.
Fear’s dead, sweetest heart.
Or at least I would hope so.
But love,
Love survives.
-©2011 Irina Hale, April 27, 2011

Yes, I know. Makes me laugh, though.

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